steel bodied quad stack 50 round magazine

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Functions with virtually any NATO Spec Weapon using the 5.56 magazine

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Durable Finishes:  Black Epoxy or Black Nitride

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Welcome To Blitz Mag 7

We are dedicated to making high quality, long lasting items for our industry. Our products are focused on our military, law enforcement and civilian market. If you have questions about our products, please let us know.

We are a small company which had it’s beginnings in the firearms industry   over 40 years ago.  We build our products with local designers and craftsman. Please look through our website and take a look at the Blitz Mag 7, 5.56 magazine. One of our key goals is to use US materials, craftsmanship ,and to build 100% of  the complete magazine here.

Blitz Mag 7 Products

Although we have been asked to manufacture other items, right now our attention is to small arms.  The Blitz Mag 7 magazine is covered by at least 1 US Patent.  It’s unique steel construction makes it adaptable to other firearms or calibers if the need exists.

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