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Cash Back

You have been selected to receive $20.00 if you post on a major forum about your recent Blitz Mag 7 purchase.

Post a positive Review Online & Earn $20.00!

The testimony of satisfied customers has always proven to be our best advertising. So instead of paying advertising fees… we are offering you $20.00 paid by check to you when you post a positive review on one of the major weapons related forums.

What you need to do (It’s pretty easy)

  • Must be a major forum that is relevant to the product. It can be in addition to an existing thread about the product you purchased or an all new thread.
  • Must be an honest, positive and somewhat in depth review. Not just a single sentence or photo… A paragraph containing 5 sentences is a good start. If there is anything you do not like about the product please contact me directly. I do want to hear about ways we can improve our product, just in a private setting.
  • Must contain at least one quality photo that you took of the product on your weapon & it must be a visible photo and not a link to a photo. In focus is the most important thing.
  • Post must mention “Blitz Mag 7” and contain a link / URL to the item that you purchased on the Blitz Mag 7 site.
  • In order to collect you must email ( ) a direct link to your post.

You should also include your full name and address in the email so we know where to send the $20.00 check. Requests must be made within 60 days of the purchase date on your invoice.

Offer is good for one posting, but if you make multiple posts you should let me know so I can determine any added value.

I am also allowing video posted to YOUTUBE with audio explaining what you bought, how it works, what you like about it and where you bought it. You would place a direct link to where you bought it in the description of the video below the title.

NOTE: Facebook Users… Given the recent events of massive censorship by Facebook and the fact that only registered Facebook members can see posts anyway. I do NOT include FB in this reward program.

NOTE: Some gun forums ( in particular) do NOT allow new subscribers to post a PHOTO. So in the case of if you are not an existing member with photo posting privileges, then you should NOT choose as a place to post.