AR-15 50 Round Magazine


Works with weapons using the standard NATO spec 5.56 magazine. See full description below.

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Blitz Mag 7’s AR-15 50 round magazine was designed and manufactured with the end user considered. It must be reliable in function and have the asset of easy service and maintenance. So far, in testing the magazine has worked with weapons using the standard NATO spec 5.56 magazine.  This includes M16A2, AR15 and clones, M16M4, HK416 series FN SCAR 16, FN 249, IWI Tavor, IWI Negiv plus others.

The .223/5.56 50 round magazine body is made of steel for durability and long life.  It is assembled on a robotic tig welder.  The finish is either Black Epoxy or Black Nitride.

The follower is injected molded using Delrin®.  The Delrin® material is specific to thisfollower. The material was designed to be of high lubricity and low drag. As a result there is no need for lubricants, liquid or powder. It resists collecting dirt. The Delrin® material will work in a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions without expansion or shrinkage of the follower parts.

All parts are keyed for assembly and the prevention of loss of small parts. To clean, simply dissemble and wipe down the inside of the magazine body and the follower parts with a dry cloth. The magazine body has 4 claws which hold the floor plate in place. These claws also act as retainer to help keep the spring from popping out during maintenance.

*Delrin is a Registered Trademark of Dupont Specialty Products

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